Rediscover your self belief

Each of us has great potential, extraordinary potential. We are all capable of truly amazing and wonderful things. Most of us fail to recognise this, or to pursue it when we do. Some even deny it when it is suggested.

When you look back on your life to date, you will probably notice ambitions you had that have not been realised, good ideas that never came to anything. Are you the person you wanted to be, expected to be? Is your work or life in general today going the way you want it to?

Coaching is one way of helping to revitalise your thinking about yourself, about your situation and about your dreams and ambitions.

Make things happen

No matter how others influence your circumstances, only you can make change happen for yourself.

Next Level 1-to-1 Coaching aims to stimulate your self belief and raise your expectations for yourself and your personal fulfilment. By harnessing your experience, your abilities and your imagination – and you’d be surprised you much you have – Next Level 1-to-1 Coaching will reinvigorate your zest for life and rediscover, even reinvent, your self belief.

The relationship with a coach in a 1-to-1 programme is based on trust, honesty, openness and transparency. You need to feel that the coach respects you, believes in you and will maintain complete confidentiality about the thoughts and feelings that are exposed. Anything less simply will not do.

Case study: Parexel

Jeremy has helped me rediscover my self belief. I often battle with my lack of confidence, and he has made me feel it is perfectly possible to achieve my goals. 

He listens to me and understands me, and gives just the right amount of input when I hit barriers and can’t move forward on my own. 

He makes me question my assumptions and helps me to think of ideas and ways to develop myself and hit the targets I want to achieve. 

Jeremy has a great ability to draw you out and make you say what you are really feeling.

HR Manager

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