Raising the level of your people's performance

Coaching and facilitation support is ideally suited to help when you’re stuck and need new thinking and ideas to get unstuck quickly, when you need to accelerate performance to meet new targets and deadlines or when you need a group of people to work more effectively, together or in their role as leaders or managers.

Next Level Performance workshops focus on many issues but generally have the same kind of objective – improved understanding and acceptance leading to focused action to achieve an agreed goal to which everyone is committed.

Our workshops are led by coach-facilitators whose role is to stimulate your thinking, your ideas and your solutions, not to direct you nor advise you on what to do. You are the experts in your business – we are expert in helping you to raise the level of performance of your expertise.



Vision building

It may be that you know exactly where you are taking your business or your part of the business. It may be that you feel pressured to move in a direction you don’t really want to go. It may be that you want to think it through again.

Then again, you may know where you want to be but it’s a pain trying to persuade everybody else to want the same or even to recognise it. Or maybe you want to engage your people in creating a future they can all share.

Next Level Vision Building will enable you to articulate clearly where you (and your people) are planning to go and how, given a fair wind, you anticipate getting there. It will help you to create a meaningful vision of what it’s like to be there and how it will be for everyone involved.

It will also help you to design an approach to achieving the vision and can further support you to overcome obstacles, whether expected or not.

Client comment:

“The workshop was facilitated in an open and light hearted manner by Jeremy, with a relaxed style designed to encourage a full and honest contribution by all participants.”

Engineering Manager


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Action Workshop facilitation

Meetings, who needs ‘em? Well, we all do. How many of yours are really good – lively, brisk, full of energy, well focused, good debate, great decisions? If they’ve become a little tired, rather disjointed and take forever, tot up the time per person being wasted and see what it’s costing your business (and your morale).

Wouldn’t it be good occasionally to break out of the mould and create a meeting which everyone involved thought was great. Like one of ours. All of ours, in fact.

Next Level Workshop Facilitation aims to create a truly excellent experience, even in tricky circumstances (like, not everybody wants to be there or it’s a bit of a sensitive issue). Our workshops (which is what we call them although you might say “facilitated meetings”) have a clear focus to start with and a definite goal to finish – but what happens in the middle varies somewhat.

Our workshops are about getting things done, smartly. They’re about involving everyone, keeping everyone engaged and enabling everyone to feel that it has been truly worthwhile. This doesn’t generally involve orienteering or pony trekking but we’re open to offers.

Client comment:

“One of the most important aspects of ensuring that colleagues embraced the idea of new ways of working was the tackling of their misapprehension, misunderstanding and preconceived ideas of what this actually meant to them.

“Jeremy facilitated our first meeting, allowing people to express their fears in an open and neutral environment.

“He was able to see all sides of the issues raised and, by encouraging 'letting off steam‘, he discovered the true nature of colleagues’ fears and worries. He categorised these and we assigned groups of colleagues to tackle these issues and resolve them.

“We have moved on from a feeling of apprehension to one of excitement. Jeremy's help was invaluable.” 

Service Manager


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