1-to-1 Coaching Programmes

Our 1-to-1 coaching programmes cover executive coaching, performance coaching, transformational coaching, personal development coaching and life coaching, as noted in more detail below. They share a common thread:

  • focused only on your needs as you see them

  • non-judgemental about your objectives but unafraid to push you to achieve them

  • completely confidential

  • challenging

  • friendly, open, honest

For more about this, look at Beliefs, codes and practices.



Executive coaching

Life at the top can be quite solitary as well as exciting and stimulating. It’s hard sometimes to find the time to take a deep breath and reflect on where you are and where you’re going. It can also be hard to find anyone else in the organisation with whom you can share such things.

Next Level Executive Coaching will help you unravel your thinking, clarify your priorities, question your values and revitalise your understanding of yourself and your ambitions.

Client comment:

“The coaching has given me the ability to drive an agenda forward that will change the way we work and address current pressing corporate needs. I found the discreet guiding towards solutions/ways forward by exploring options and theoretical avenues helpful and the right approach for me.”
General Manager
West Midlands

“The coaching was excellent. Jeremy gave us time to breathe . . . and think about how we could work better as a team. He did not pull his punches when he thought we were not achieving our best.”
General Manager


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Performance coaching

Rising to a new challenge when the ‘day job’ is running into the evening (not to mention the weekend) is no easy matter. Being fully prepared for a promotion or other new role; improving your performance in important areas of your work when training alone isn’t the answer; galvanising others when you’re having trouble galvanising yourself – these are among the stimuli for Next Level Performance Coaching.

Sometimes performance is a straightforward matter of skill and confidence. Sometimes there are more complex underlying inhibitors or obstacles. Next Level’s sensitively challenging approach is aimed at increasing effectiveness and productivity at work but is unafraid to embrace wider issues around your work-life balance.

Client comment:

“Jeremy listens to problem areas and picks out the root causes that are fundamental to solving the issues. These are then listed as key goals and worked towards accordingly. The friendly nature of the sessions and the way in which you can speak to each other as an equals rather than some consultant who has all the answers, certainly helps.“
Operations Manager
Finnforest UK


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Transformational coaching

Moving job or changing your lifestyle is challenging in different ways. Sometimes it is forced on you, with lots of emotional issues piled on top of practical ones. Sometimes you choose it and want to make things happen as quickly as possible.

Either way, Next Level Transitional Coaching programmes support and accelerate your progress through this significant change in your life. Even when it is unwelcome, our bespoke coaching programme will speed to you acceptance and lead you to a new world of fulfilment opportunities.

Client comment:

“Jeremy’s coaching enabled me to bounce issues, discuss solutions and develop processes for ensuring actions were consistent with aspirations.”
Civil Engineering Manager
North West (emigrating to Australia)


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Personal development coaching

Taking time out to reflect on what you really want to make of your career and your life is often a neglected area. Sometimes it’s a question of maintaining the motivation and commitment needed to achieve personal goals. Sometimes it’s about recognising that you have changed and that your goals need to change too.

Next Level Personal Development Coaching supports you through an exploration of your needs, your desires and your values, helping you to reaffirm or renew your view of yourself and your personal goals and to find new zest to achieve them.

Client comment:

“I would recommend Jeremy’s coaching to others and have done so with my own reports. Jeremy has assisted colleagues with both challenging work and personal related issues, with excellent outcomes.”
Regional General Manager
British Waterways


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Life coaching

When work or career is not the main focus of your personal development needs, it is sometimes hard to put your finger on why you are unsettled.

Next Level Life Coaching explores a broad sweep of your life experience and gently but firmly unravels your dissatisfaction and helps you to sort through the conflicting pressures and priorities which are fuelling your discomfort with life. It aims to help you to reach a new starting point, with a clear focus and renewed energy.

Client comment:

“The coaching generated more positive thoughts and actions and a renewed interest in my work. My attitude to both life in general and work is now positive and focused. Jeremy’s easy manner encouraged a rapport which made the experience very comfortable.”
Retail store


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